I rejoiced with those who said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1


Trinity III (Michaelmas)

The weeks of Trinity 19-23, called Michaelmas, speak of the struggle of the Church against Satan and the powers of darkness. The name comes from the fact that the beginning of this mini-season is the day the Church observes as St. Michael and All Angels’ (September 29). These Sundays are a reminder that it is for good reason we are called the Church Militant: Satan seeks to destroy the Church and to lure Christians from the flock of Christ. Yet God defends His Church, through the work of His Holy Angels and by the proclamation of His Holy Gospel. The last Sunday of Trinity III is Reformation Sunday, a fitting end to a season which focuses on our battle against “the old evil foe.”

This is such an important theme that it was intended that these lessons be read every year. Thus, in many places, no matter what Sunday after Trinity we may be on, the first Sunday after September 29 is considered Trinity 19 or Michaelmas 2, and we skip to those readings. -Laache: Book of Family Prayer p. 613.

Your Sins are Forgiven by Christ Jesus

First Sunday after Michaelmas – Pr. Anderson sermon St. Matthew 9:1-8 “Your Sins are Forgiven by Christ Jesus” October 1, 2023 | Christ Lutheran Church In Nomine Iesu + + + Hear us, O Lord, as we come to You burdened with our guilt, and bow in faith at Your feet. Speak to us Your word of absolution; say to our souls,…

Rejoice, for Your Accuser is Defeated

St. Michael & All Angels – Pr. Anderson sermon Revelation 12:7-12 “Rejoice, for Your Accuser is Defeated” September 24, 2023 | Christ Lutheran Church In Nomine Iesu + + + Heavenly Father, we thank and praise You for the wonders of Your creation. That as You created the earth and the creatures that dwell on it, You also created the angels to…